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Social ‘West Coast’ Swing Basics Session 1

t’s a very affordable, fun night out. You get 1 ½ hrs of learning each Tuesday over 6 weeks for only $35. You can dance another couple hours to a variety of great music after class. You get 2 drinks included with the $6. club door charge. You’re having fun and making new friends while getting some terrific mind & body exercise in a friendly atmosphere, with a great group of people all learning and enjoying arguably the best social activity you could ever be a part of. Don’t just watch any longer! Continue reading

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Night Club 2-Step at the Ranch

The next 2 weeks we will cover Nightclub 2-Step as we continue the “Summer Series”. The first half of the lesson we will cover basics and make sure everybody is on the same page and the last half we will add a new step or two, and/or maybe make what youre doing work a little smoother. Open dancing will follow. Continue reading

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Thank You One and All For Another Great New Year’s Event!

Once again “Thanks” to all of the WCS community support especially across Florida, our FloorPlay New Years Swing Vacation Event 2009 – ‘10 was a terrific success! The FloorPlay Events work because of the overall dance community’s support, our very capable staff, and most importantly because they are geared toward maximum Open Dance time and not Competitions. Thanks to our teaching and Performing Staff Michael Kielbasa, Jen Deluca, always a delight to have, in putting on a great show along with our other Professionals from around Florida, Danielle Blouin, Trish Berlanga and John & Mary Jane Harris and for their very well attended and received workshops along with judging some very closely contested competitions. Thank you also to Rodney Moore & Joanna Matsis from New Zealand for adding to our show on New Years Eve with some East Coast/Lindy and conducting a workshop in the same. Continue reading

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