NYE Event Schedule 2011-2012


As has been our custom, for the early event arrivals and local dancers we will have an opening night ‘Kickoff Dance at BB Kings Restaurant & Nightclub on Thurs. night Dec. 29th. Arrival time is up to you. BB Kings is located directly across the street from the Rosen Plaza Hotel where the New Years Event takes place this weekend. It is upstairs in the Pointe Orlando complex. A great place to eat and terrific Live Band Blues entertainment. Some of our own Swing music will be played between band sets. You will need to pick up either a FloorPlay Business card or New Years Event flier that will be available at the FloorPlay Swing Vacation registration desk to present at BB Kings to waive the normal $5 admission fee to the club.

Hope to see you there!
Mark T

Sunday is Red, White & Black night!

If you are able, we would like to have everyone wear Red, White or Black on Sunday night for social dancing—your choice of any of those colors, or any combination of 2 or all 3. It’s not mandatory, but we though it would be a fun thing to have a color scheme… especially for those who will be posting pictures or videos on Facebook or videos of Sunday night dancing on Youtube. Other events have done this and it makes for really interesting pictures and videos to help promote the event for the following years.

FloorPlay is proud to announce we are joining the very popular Golden Ticket Tour THIS year at our New Years Event. No Open Dance time will be affected as we are able to schedule the competition during the times allotted for Jack ‘n Jill Prelims and finals. Those familiar with and who compete in the GTT know how it works and those new to the concept will find it a unique concept and exciting way to watch the competitors that moves very quickly. Registration for the GTT will be available immediately upon arrival at our Registration Desk.

FloorPlay New Years Dec. 30, 2011 – Jan. 2, 2012 Schedule
(subject to adjustment)

“Competition winners will be announced 1 hour after completion of each competition final”….therefore, no awards ceremony will be necessary on Monday”

Fri. Dec. 30, 2011:

1pm – Registration Opens

2 – 5pm – Open Dancing – Main Ballroom

7pm – Opening Workshop Robert & Nicola Royston

8pm – Open Dancing – Main Ballroom

(Ballroom C will be open for practice 7-10pm)

Sat 12/31 – New Years Eve

9:30am – Registration Opens

10am – Noon – Pro/Ams – All Levels & Solos

Noon – Michael Kielbasa & Katrina Branson

1pm – 2:30 – Jack ‘n Jill Prelims – All Levels 

3 – 4pm – Open Dancing -  Blrm. C

1pm – Brian & Pamela Bennett (Basic WCS)-  Blrm. C

2pm – Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlowe (Hustle)- Blrm. C

3pm – Robert Cordoba & Debra Szekely

4 – 9pm – Dinner served in Café Matisse

4pm – Robert & Nicola Royston

5pm – Demery Strickland & Danielle Blouin – 2Step Int.

7:30 – ? – New Years Eve Party!

Dress to Impress!

10pm ish – Pro Show Exhibitions

Midnight – New Year Champagne Celebration

Sun. 1/1/12:

9:30am – Registration Opens

10am – Workshop

11am – Robert Cordoba & Debra Szekely

1pm  – Pro/Am Jack ‘n Jills

2pm – Michael Kielbasa & Katrina Branson

3pm – Robert & Nicola Royston

1 – 4pm – Open Dancing – Blrm. C

4 – 6pm – J’n J Finals – Novice / Int. / Masters / Adv.

7:30  – 9:30 – Open Dancing – Main

9:30pm – 9th Florida State Swing Championship

10:30pm – ? – Open Dancing – Main

11:30pm – Pizza Party!

Mon. 1/2 ( *Federal Day off )

9:30am – Registration Opens

10am – Michael Kielbasa & Katrina Branson– Main

11am – 1:00pm – Floorplay Original Dance Forum

1- 4pm – Open Dancing