Monday, May 16th


Beginning Monday May 16th… Mark Traynor will teach West Coast Swing.

Class Starts: 5pm
Social Dance: 6 to 10pm
DJ: Pat Atkinson plays great tunes for the evening

Recreation Plantation
609 Co Rd 466
Lady Lake, FL 32159

Mark recently moved to Ocala after 22+ years of promoting WCS around the state of Florida. He in fact was awarded the first ever “WCS Trailblazer Award” for his contributions in teaching, spreading and advancing the popularity of the dance throughout the state.

As Director of the FloorPlay Dance Clubs, he began in Orlando and travelled to the Tampa, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Jupiter and Daytona Beach areas every week for years establishing classes and monthly dances in each area that had none prior his arrival.

In 2000 he began the “ FloorPlay New Years Swing Vacation” event that just had its 16th year at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando and is the longest running and largest WCS Event/Party in Florida enjoyed by over 500+ dancers every year. And now Mark brings his 40 years of Professional Dance Instruction and WCS expertise to the area in an effort to help expand the appreciation of this terrific dance form.

“Hello to everyone in the area. I’ve known some of you for a while and have already met new friends at some local dances. My goal is, as always, to introduce as many people as possible to WCS, help the community grow and advance those whom already know the dance and would like to get better. My approach to group lessons is also, as always, geared toward “social dancing” partnering & practicality and not “competition rules” and expectations.”

Classes ranging from Beginner / Basic to more advanced techniques will be based upon interest and attendance. Hopefully we can set up 4-6 week “sessions” that always help progress dancers faster and better for various levels. We can also eventually work in other dance forms as well.

The first week will be free to give me a chance to meet all interested and see where everybody is in experience and give you all a chance to meet me and decide if my “approach’ works for you. After that its only $5. Per class before Pat gets started.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, dancing and in conjunction with those already teaching, DJ etc. helping your dance community grow. The more dancers we have and the better you can dance the more fun it is for everybody!

Thank you,

Mark Traynor

FloorPlay Dance Clubs

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