FloorPlay Swing Vacation 2015/16 Report

What better place to be on New Year’s Eve
than Orlando at the Rosen Plaza Hotel..!

The 2015 -’16 edition of our FloorPlay New Year’s Swing Vacation was, according to all of the positive feedback and comments, a great success!

This was our 16th event overall, 13th Anniversary of the Florida State Swing Championship and winding up the 20th year Of the FloorPlay Dance Clubs©.

First, as always, a HUGE THANKS to everyone who attended, because it’s You that has made this the success it is over these many years and this year we welcomed over 545 dancers during the weekend. Next year NYE will fall on Saturday night which promises a great long weekend for our 17th Swing Vacation. Being a national Holiday most businesses will be off on Friday as well.

This year we continued with a series of Pro/Am Competitions to complement our regular WSDC Jack ‘n Jill’s and Florida State Swing Dance Championship. We added an All-Star Level that helped attract many more top level dancers. The whole Pro staff participated in the Sunday Question / Answer Forum and provided many insightful answers to questions from novice, intermediate and advanced dancers. We also held our 4th “F-PIT”, the Florida Professional Invitational Tournament, that was again exciting to watch and well received.

There was very good participation in all of the Competitions and Congratulations go to…

Brian Bennett & Whitney Bartlett

Winners of the 13th Florida State Swing Champions

to all of the winners in each competitive division

Speaking of which, thanks to all of the great Pro Instructors who joined us this year for a terrific New Year’s Eve show and the many workshops conducted. All were packed and we heard compliments on everyone’s presentations.

Thank you to…

  • Renee Lipmann doing a masterful and entertaining job as Emcee.
  • Orlando’s Jen Deluca, always our favorite ‘daughter’, was a bit limited this year being in her 3rd trimester yet still did a lot of judging and privates!
  • Always great to have Michael Kielbasa back with us who raises the bar by just being present.
  • PJ Turner & Tashina Beckman, who were newcomers to our Staff this year, did a incredible workshops and helped make for a great New Year’s Show by ending with a terrific routine.
  • Jeff Mumford, Tommy Gibbs, Danielle Blouin, Demery Leyva and Csilla Madocsai who all represented yet another terrific staff.

But no event can be successful without two all important things, a good dance floor and a GREAT sound system with fabulous music!

The dance floors were smoothly provided as always by Cherry Taylor and Master Dance Floors of Tampa.

The sound system, provided by Orlando’s Kevin McDeed, has been said to be one of the best heard on the WCS circuit nationwide. Kevin, ‘KMac’, also set the tone as always with a terrific variety of music to keep everyone moving and also provided some cool lighting and video for the Midnight Champagne toast. He continues to be the ‘soul’ of the FloorPlay Dance Club events and dances.

And great to have back with us 2013 WCS DJ of the Year April Prince who put together the best mix of competition music for the FSSDC and all of the J’nJ’s you could ever hope for and rocked the floor continuously.

Also joining our great DJ Staff and playing terrific music all weekend were…

  • Earl Yeomans
  • Anne Johnson
  • Local late nighter… Dustin Wheeler

Each DJ seemed to just pick up where the last ended and seamlessly kept the energy peaking. Thank you ALL!

Special Thanks to Demery Leyva and his hard working crew; Derek Leyva and Wes Kolpin for all of the coordination and control of competition sign-ups, judging schedules as well as keeping Competitions running on time and supplying results so quickly.

Thanks to new Floorplay Club staff member Mike Grady for his work on our website and behind the scenes work to keep things running smoothly. It’s a lot of work and your diligence and professionalism were much appreciated.

Special Thanks so much also to Danielle Blouin-Oats and Mike Oates who graciously provided all of the Pro /Am Awards.

As always, there are MANY on any event staff who make it all work. Without them it simply doesn’t happen. I like to think we have the best staff anywhere. These are the folks who initially greet you, sign you in, answer your questions, handle security, keep things organized in all aspects of presentation and make everyone feel welcome… all with a smile!

Registration is very involved and now married Amy Rothenberger was the key to making it all happen again and running smoothly. She did so much behind the scenes it would be too hard to describe but suffice to say she is our “glue’.

Helping out tremendously were Elaine Sipe, Annie Mariani, Diane Scott, Linda Murphy, and I’m sure a few others whose help we certainly appreciate, as well as those Club members and friends who donated a couple hours of their time.

Ed Sullivan & Nora Batts lead Security as always and recruit ample ‘friendly’ help including Janie Morningstar, Jacqueline Jauz, and Sherri Parris.

And, last but not least there are those who contribute in a WIDE variety of ways without whose help there would be noticeable deficiencies in organization. Bill Bray and Maria Hardy are these people along with several members previously mentioned. Thanks to CJ Henry as roommate coordinator which requires much time and energy pairing people up as roommates and even finding them rooms!

Since “Swing Vacation” has always been our theme, we hope many more in the future will see the advantage of coming early or staying late a few days to do some sightseeing in the Worlds #1 Vacation destination.

We also had a well-represented contingent again from Canada who joined us and we thank them for making the trip!

A final HUGE THANK YOU again to all of you who attended this year. Always a great crowd who make it such a terrific atmosphere and make our FloorPlay Swing Vacation the BEST place to party on New Year’s Eve!

We will continue to do our best to bring you the Best New Year’s Party possible and hope you will plan to join us again for our 17th FloorPlay New Year Swing Vacation beginning Dec. 30, 2016!

Mark Traynor
Event Director
FloorPlay Club Founder

What Our Clients Are Saying
MG Photo 625x875

I am a consultant for Local Expert Interviews TV. I have been working with Mark Traynor and Floorplay Dance Clubs for the past 6 months.

Working with Mark and his staff has been such a pleasure.

I have been overly impressed with their commitment to teaching West Coast Swing and a positive West Coast Swing community.

I strongly recommend to my friends, family and other people I care about that if they want to learn a fun and exciting dance form they should definitely see Mark and atend a Floorplay dance.