2014 – ’15 FNYSV Competition Results

Congratulations to all of the 2014 – ’145Competitors and Division Winners!

12th Florida State Swing Dance Championship

 2014 FSSDC ChampionsStephen & Sonya White !

 2nd  – Christopher Wrigley & Allysa Rees

3rd – Sheven Kekoolani & Stacy Kay

4th – Jeff Mumford & Trish Berlanga

5th – JC Bryant & Elise Harman

6th – Keith & Margaret Little

7th – Tommy Gibbs & Renee Lipman

8th – Dustin Wheeler & Pamela Stergios

9th – John & Ariel Penu

10th – Chris Sizelove & Dee McCord

11th – Chris Bojovic & Dori Eden

12th – James Hch & Chelsea Mosko

3rd   Florida Pros Invitational Tournament…The “F-Pit” JnJ

 1st – Hugo Miguez & Sonya White

2nd – Keith Little & Stacy Kay

3rd -  Tommy Gibbs & Dawn Sgarlata


WSDC Jack ‘n Jills Finals

Novice   J’n J

1st – John Penu & Raquel Safra

2nd – Michael Dean & Lana Duss

3rd – Mario Montes & Ariel Penu

4th – Patrick Tran & Brianne Nelson

5th – Keith Penu & Linda Free

6th – Gary Cook & Celia Reuss

7th – Joshua Lyons & Christy Dilworth

8th – Ron Muse & Carol Baldwin

9th – Ken Lamoire & Cindy Dauss

10th – Michael Tingle & Monika Kedziora

11th – John Boud & Amy Simmons

12th – Paul Gipson & Chinny Hoan

Intermediate J’nJ 

 1st – Daaen Lee & Allysa Rees

2nd – Fabio Beltramini & Dena Shrum

3rd – Dan Yamamoto & Megan Pollak

4th – Dustin Wheeler & Jacqueline Gutierez-Lo

5th – Derek Downs & Carrie Smith

6th – James Dooley & Ann Marie Denis

7th – Troy Novotny & Debi McCreary

8th – Rick Dauss & Holly Martin

9th –  Mike Oates & Dee McCord

10th – Les Cheong & Tonya Wpytek

 Adv / All Star  J’n J

1st – Christopher Wrigley & Trish Berlanga

2nd – Brian Bennett & Pam Bennett

3rd – John Harris & Becky Wolcott

4th – JC Bryant & Susan Downs

5th – Keith Little & Rose Duffy


1st – Mike Gordon & Cindy Dauss

2nd – Derek Downs & Tina Marie Price

3rd – Bruce Park & Dori Eden

4th – Gary Cook & Susan Downs

5th – Rick Dauss & Maru Hutchins

6th – Les Cheong & Laura McCann

7th – Bruce Perrotta & Carol Baldwin

8th – Buz McCreary & Celia Reuss

9th – Mario Montes & Helen Tang

10th – Tony Goff & Ann Marie Denis



 1st – Lindsay Harris w/ Hugo Miguez

2nd – Laura McCann w/ Jimmy Formelio

3rd – Roberta Pearlstein w/ Hugo Miguez

Pro/Am   Jack ‘n Jill – Leaders

1st – Chris Bojovic

2nd – John Penu

3rd – Troy Novotny

4th – Steve Sagraves

5th – Buz McCreary

6th – Mike Oates

7th – Mike Gordon

8th – Keith Penu

9th – Tony Goff

10th – Mario Montes

Pro / Am Jack ‘n Jill – Followers

1st – Megan Pollak

2nd – Holly Martin

3rd – Dena Shrum

4th – Ann Marie Denis

5th – Anne Johnson

6th – Debi McCreary

7th – Ariel Penu

8th – Laura McCann

9th – Maru Hutchins

10th – Cindy Dauss

Pro/Am Strictly Novice Male

 1st – John Penu w/ Sonya White

2nd – Keith Penu w/ Cindy Formelio

3rd – Ken Lemoire w/ Stacy Kay

4th – Christian Josey w/ Renee Lipman

5th – Mario Montes w/ Beth Perrotta

6th – Mike Tinkle w/ Trish Berlanga

Pro/Am Strictly -  Novice Female

 1st – Ariel Penu w/ Jimmy Formelio

2nd – Cindy Dauss w/ Brian Bennett

3rd – Jutta Baerman w/ Hugo Miguez

4th – Bonnie Kissam w/ Jimmy Formelio

5th – Lana Duss w/ Hugo Miguez

6th – Chelea Mosko w/ Jimmy Formelio

Pro/Am Strictly – Intermediate/Advanced Male

 1st – Dan Yamamoto w/  Stacy Kay

Pro/Am Strictly – Intermediate/Advanced Female

 1st – Lindsay Harris w/ Sheven Kekoolani

2nd – Anne Johnson w/ Jeff Mumford

3rd – Laura McCann w/ Jimmy Formelio

4th – Gale Waldon w/ Jeff Mumford

Pro/ Am Strictly  – Masters Male

 1st – Mario Montes w/ Beth Perrotta

2nd – Ken Lemoire w/ Stacy Kay

 Pro/Am Strictly – Masters Female

 1st – Cindy Dauss w/ Brian Bennett

2nd – Laura McCann w/ Jimmy Formelio

3rd – Jutta Baerman w/ Hugo Miguez

4th – Gale Waldon w/ Jeff Mumford

5th – Bonnie Kissam w/ Jimmy Formelio

6th – Geri Smith-Osborne w/ Hugo Miguez

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From Trish: GREAT NEWS!!!!

GREAT NEWS!!!! Trish will be back beginning in September 2014!

We are now at: TBD

  • The night begins with WCS Lesson starting at 7:30pm, taught by Trish.
  • Dancing starts at 8:30pm and goes to midnight.
  • Water and sodas for $1 each, light snacks provided, bring something to share if you have a hankering for something special.
  • SPECIAL OFFER! Bring in a guest who has never done West Coast Swing before and you AND your guest will get in for FREE!
  • We do mostly West Coast Swing, with a sprinking of everything else.



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The FloorPlay Dance Clubs© 18th Anniversary Dance!

The FloorPlay Dance Clubs© 18thAnniversary Dance!

18 Years of Dancing and Fun made possible due to the tremendous support over the years by YOU, the dancers, and the great Staff of volunteers who make it all possible. Thanks to everyone who has helped, attended classes, our monthly dances, our Cruises and our FloorPlay New Years Swing Vacation over the years, we’re still going strong!

   Still the friendliest dance Club anywhere, our one club rule ‘Leave your attitude at the door’, and our everlasting motto ‘Dance with everybody’ remain our signature.

   We’ve always provided snacks and drawings for passes, cd’s, lots of various prizes and even money! A pretty simple formula that’s been copied all over the state by other start-up clubs but one I like to think we do better than the rest. We lost an affiliate club along the way while others grew stronger and a few new ones have emerged, even out of state as we hope to continue to grow. Thank YOU!

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