The FloorPlay Dance Clubs© 18th Anniversary Dance!

The FloorPlay Dance Clubs© 18thAnniversary Dance!

18 Years of Dancing and Fun made possible due to the tremendous support over the years by YOU, the dancers, and the great Staff of volunteers who make it all possible. Thanks to everyone who has helped, attended classes, our monthly dances, our Cruises and our FloorPlay New Years Swing Vacation over the years, we’re still going strong!

   Still the friendliest dance Club anywhere, our one club rule ‘Leave your attitude at the door’, and our everlasting motto ‘Dance with everybody’ remain our signature.

   We’ve always provided snacks and drawings for passes, cd’s, lots of various prizes and even money! A pretty simple formula that’s been copied all over the state by other start-up clubs but one I like to think we do better than the rest. We lost an affiliate club along the way while others grew stronger and a few new ones have emerged, even out of state as we hope to continue to grow. Thank YOU!

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HAPPY 2013 TO EVERYONE and Thank You ALL!

The 2012 -’13 edition of our FloorPlay New Year’s Swing Vacation (FNYSV) was, according to all of the positive feedback and comments a great success! This was our 13th Event overall, 10th Anniversary of the Fl. State Swing Championship, 8th New Year’s Party and winding up the 18th year Of the FloorPlay Dance Club©. What better place to be on New Year’s than Orlando at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. With sunny and mostly mid 70’s weather, we experienced the largest turnout ever for the FNYSV!

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who attended as we hit about 580 dancers over the long weekend! 423 of who have learned that it is worth it to take advantage of the fantastic Dinner Buffet included at Café’ Matisse at the Rosen on New Year’s Eve.

This year we continued with a series of Pro / Am Competitions to complement our regular WSDC Jack ‘n Jill’s and Florida State Swing Dance Championship. And this year added the Fl. Pro jack ‘n Jill Invitational Tournament that was exciting to watch and well received. It will return! There was very good participation in all and Congratulations go to Stephen White & Sabrina Paxmann as our new Florida State swing Champions in the 10th edition of the FSSDC and all of the winners in each division.

Speaking of which, Thanks to all of the great Pro Instructors who joined us this year for a terrific New Year’s Eve show and the many workshops conducted. All were packed and heard compliments on everyone’s presentations. Robert & Nicola Royston doing a usual masterful job emceeing, Robert Cordoba & Amanda Warren, Danielle Blouin, Demery Strickland, Patti Jobst, Hugo Miguez, Trish Berlanga, Rick Weston, Sabrina Paxmann, Steven White, Bruce & Beth Perrotta, and especially nice to have Orlando’s Jen Deluca back with us again! Thank You Jen for the White Horse dance!

And be sure to get a video of all the weekends’ festivities, workshops and competitions from Bobby Caudill who got everything covered. We also had over 45 couples learn and participate in the “My Baby” Swing Shift Mixer as part of the NYE Show. Well done!

But no event can be successful without two all important things, a good dance floor and a GREAT sound system with fabulous music! The dance floors were smoothly provided by Cherry Taylor and Master Dance Floors of Tampa. The sound system provided by Orlando’s Kevin McDeed who also provided some cool lighting and video for the Midnight Champagne toast. Kevin ‘KMac’, also set the tone as always with a terrific variety of music to keep everyone moving. He continues to be the ‘soul’ of the FloorPlay Dance Club events and dances. Also playing terrific music all weekend were Robert Cordoba, Earl Yeomans, Bobby Caudill, Trish Berlanga and Desi Damaso. Great Thanks to all the DJ’s for keeping the dance floor hopping all weekend.

Special Thanks to Demery Strickland, Rick Weston and Beverly Co for all of the coordination and control of competition sign-up, as well as supplying results so quickly.  It’s a lot of work and your diligence and professionalism were much appreciated.

Full Competition Results have already been posted on the website and the Facebook page.

 As always, there are MANY on any event staff who make it all work. Without them it simply doesn’t happen. I like to think we have the best staff anywhere. These are the folks who initially greet you, sign you in, answer your questions, handle security, keep things organized in all aspects of presentation and make everyone feel welcome…all with a smile! Ed Sullivan & Nora Batts lead Security and recruit ample ‘friendly’ help including Janie Morningstar and Irene Gomulka. Registration is very involved and Amy Palmer was the key to making it all happen again and running smoothly. She did so much behind the scenes it would be too hard to describe. Helping out tremendously were Meggan and Marilyn Thomas, Elaine Sipe, Annie Mariani, Sandy Sanborn, Maryanne Lang, Cindy Winternitz, Linda Murphy, Jutta Baerman and I’m sure a few others I’m sorry I can’t remember, as well as those Club members and friends who donated a couple hours of their time.  And, last but not least there are those who contribute in a WIDE variety of ways without who’s help there would be noticeable deficiencies in organization. Diane Scott, Bill Bray and Maria Hardy are these people along with Danielle Blouin and Mike Oates who graciously provided the Pro /Am Awards. Thanks too to CJ Henry whom devotes much time and energy pairing people up as roommates as well as keeping the State dancers informed as to all of the WCS communities dances/events etc. happening throughout the year.

 And a special Thanks to Robin DiMeo who aside from working hard at the event, manages our website and Facebook page all year long. Needless to say she makes my life easier all year long! I sincerely thank you all for your tremendous efforts and to those who helped I may have unfortunately omitted here.

 A final HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who attended this year. Always a great crowd who make it such a terrific atmosphere and make our FloorPlay Swing Vacation the BEST place to party on New Year’s Eve! You ALL ROCK!

We will continue to do our best to bring you the Best New Year’s Party possible and hope you will plan to join us again for Swing Vacation 2013 – ’14. Also look for details on a planned 5th SeaPlay Cruise coming in Spring of 2014.



Mark Traynor
FloorPlay Club Founder

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2012 Floorplay New Years Swing Vacation Competition Results

2012 Results

2012 FSSDC Champions 

Stephen White & Sabrina Paxmann

Congratulations go out to all of the 2012 – 2013 competitors and division winners!

10th Florida State Swing Dance Championship (top 10)

1st – Stephen White & Sabrina Paxmann
2nd – Hugo Miguez & Brianne Cline
3rd – Sheven Kekoolani & Stacy Kay
4th – Reginald Beason & Whitney Brown
5th – Drew Sinclair & Agnieszka Maslanka
6th – Tommy Gibbs & Renee Lipman
7th – Keith Little & Margaret Little
8th – Patrick Foley & Jacqueline Gutierrez
9th – LaDonna Campbell & Louis Schreiber
10th – Jasson Phillips & Desie Damaso

Invitational Fl. Pro Jack ‘n Jill Results (Top 4)

1st – Hugo Miguez & Cindy Formelio
2nd – Jimmy Formelio & Sabrina Paxmann
3rd – Justin Wolcott & Amanda Warren
4th – Jerry Siebe & Renee Lipman

WSDC Jack ‘n Jills Finals

Novice – Am Leaders / Am Followers

1st - 8 Stephen Currier / 119 Shelby Thorne
2nd - 27 Patrick Foley / 135 Megan Pollak
3rd - 42 Michael Asgill / 118 Anna Tukachinskaya
4th - 39 Vince Schlogel / 108 Gwyn Catlin
5th - 13 James Dooley / 126 Dena Shrum
6th - 22 Troy Novotny / 127 Barbara Burke
7th - 31 Scott Campbell / 156 Kimberly Simmons
8th - 34 Dennis Bleakley / 167 Donna Purcell
9th - 37 Gary Cook / 101 Gale Waldon
10th - 30 Peter Weil / 139 Ladonna Campbell

Intermediate - Am Leaders / Am Followers

1st - 14 Chris Wrigley / 166 Alissia Bishop
2nd - 2 Fabio Beltrammi / 130 Amy Shibasaki
3rd - 17 Keith Little / 170 Megan Hurt
4th - 24 Michael Shibasaki / 124 Margaret Little
5th - 20 Christopher Sizelove / 157 Tonya Waytek
6th - 49 Vino Salame / 112 Susan Downs
7th - 36 Louis Schreiber / 107 Desi Damaso
8th - 3 Rick Bowles / 148 Whitney Brown
9th - 6 Derek Downs / 158 Michelle Holme
10th - 23 Les Cheong / 103 Barbara Jackson

Advanced - Am Leaders / Am Followers

1st - 16 Reginald Beason / 168 Stacey Kay
2nd - 33 John Harris / 144 Taylor Bechtold
3rd - 46 Sheven Kekoolani / 165 Cindy Formelio
4th - 1 Adam Sanborn / 134 Whitney Bartlett
5th - 47 Jimmy Formelio / 152 Agnieszka Maslanka

Masters - Am Leaders / Am Followers

1st - 44 Ric Shube / 112 Susan Downs
2nd - 50 Mike Lovitt / 143 Renee Lipman
3rd - 35 Tommy Gibbs / 101 Gale Waldon
4th - 40 Buz McCreary / 104 Jana McNally
5th - 26 Bruce Perrotta / 167 Dona Purcell
6th - 37 Gary Cook / 103 Barbara Jackson
7th - 30 Peter Weil / 132 Beth Perrotta
8th - 3 Rick Bowles / 159 Nancy Price
9th - 21 Rich Kryn / 160 Dori Eden
10th - 52 Don Brown / 155 Debi McCreary

Pro/Am Solo’s (Top Three)

Am / Pro

1st - Alyssa Rees / Sheven Kekoolani
2nd - Desie Damaso / Stephen White
3rd - Michelle Fischer / Robert Royston

Pro/Am Strictly Swing Am Leaders

Novice - Am Leaders / Pro

1st - Troy Novotny / Danielle Blouin
2nd - Alex Tucker / Dori Eden
3rd - Dean Carter / Sabrina Paxmann

Pro/Am Strictly Swing Am Follows

Novice - Am Follows/Pro

1st - Allysa Rees / Shevan Kekoolani
2nd - Anna / Reginald Beason
3rd - Michelle Fischer / Robert Royston
4th - Gale Waldon / Rick Weston
5th - Sarah Bartko / Drew Sinclair
6th - Leandra Carter / Stephen White
7th - April Jordan / Reginald Beason
8th - Lauren Yarrow / Reginald Beason
9th - Steven Currier / Stephen White
10th - Evelyn Esperence / Louis Schreber
11th - Lora Lee Craton / Stephen White
12th - Jutta Baerman / Louis Schreber
13th - Pam Meade / Hugo Miguez
14th - Ariella Pilato / Robert Royston
15th - Darlene / John Harris
16th - Cathy Larned / Ray Spencer
17th - Rosemary Askre / Aarron McKenna

Intermediate/Advanced - Am Followers/Pro

1st - Jodie Baumgartner / Reginald Beason
2nd - Debi McCreary / Robert Royston
3rd - Tobe Pilato / Robert Royston
4th - Desi Damaso / Stephen White
5th - Barbara Jackson / Robert Royston
6th - Megan Pollak / John Harris
7th - Eva Marie Logan / Robert Royston

Pro/Am Jack n Jill Final Results – Followers/Leaders

1st - 107 Desie Damaso / 20 Christopher Sizelove
2nd - 166 Alissia Bishop / 22 Troy Novotny
3rd - 135 Megan Pollak / 49 Vino Salame
4th - 103 Barbara Jackson / 27 Patrick Foley
5th - 149 Allysa Rees / 14 Chris Wrigley
6th - 130 Amy Shibasaki / 24 Michael Shibasaki
7th - 176 Jae Miley / 8 Steven Currier
8th - 122 Lora Lee Craton / 11 Jeramy Govert
9th - 109 Leandra Carter / 12 Shawn Morrison
10th - 174 Tobe Pilato / 53 Alan Levin
11th - 164 Marcia Halpern /  
12th - 154 Heidi Marer /  
13th - 173 Pam Meade /  
14th - 141 Darlene Glayat /  
15th - 120 Jutta Baerman /  
16th - 127 Barbara Burke /  
17th - 102 Michele Fischer /  
18th - 113 Eva Marie Logan /  
19th - 175 Juliana Tomes /  
20th - 161 Denys Anderson /
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